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Snuggle Up Quilt

Snuggle Up Quilt

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Cake: Yellow

Icing: Buttercream

Colors: Wilton royal blue, rose petal pink, kelly green, and lemon yellow

Size: 12" x 18"


Quilt Squares: Tip 3 outline and tip 18 stars

Roses: Tip 104 petals with tip 12 base

Leaves: Tip 352

Outer Top Border: Tip 7 beads

Inner Top Border: Tip 5 beads

Band Bottom Border: Tip 1D smooth side up

Bottom Border: Tip 233 pull out fringe (tip 134 can also

be used)

Message: Tip 3

Decorations: Lamb and chicken candy molds with white

chocolate in white and yellow

Expert Level: Completion of Wilton Course I

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