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Grimm Jewelry Store

Grimm Jewelry Store Englebert Grimm, a German immigrant, sold and repaired watches, clocks and jewelry for 45 years in this late 1880’s shop. The shop was originally located on Michigan Avenue in Detroit, from 1886 until 1931. Specialty shops like Grimm’s prospered in cities, marketing the mass-produced goods of the newly industrializing society. Like many other merchants, Grimm and his family lived above the store in fashionable but relatively modest quarters.

Grimm Jewelry Store In addition to the retail sale of clocks, watches and jewelry, Grimm offered repair works and included Henry Ford among his frequent watch repair customers. Specialty stores like this one developed in the late 1800’s to serve growing urban populations, causing the decline in the general stores.

This building was purchased by Henry Ford after Mr. Grimm’s death then restored to its late-1880’s appearance.

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