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Robert Frost House

Robert Frost House During the early 19th century, American looked back to classical Greece for inspiration in establishing its own democratic identity. This house, built in the early to mid-1830’s in Ann Arbor Michigan, is a fine example of Greek revival architecture which often was based on the form of a Greek temple.

While a poet-in-residence at the University of Michigan, Robert Frost, one of America’s best-known poets, often took walks around his Ann Arbor neighborhood. He found this house on one of his walks, and thought it was very charming. He lived in this house from the fall of 1925 to December of 1926. Having just received the Pulitzer Prize for his poetry (the first of four he earned), Frost accepted a lifetime appointment at the University of Michigan as a non-teaching "Fellow in Letters". While living here he wrote a number of well-known poems, including "Acquainted With The Night", "A Winter Eden", and "Spring Pools", which he finished in three days while dreaming of springtime in New England
Robert Frost House Robert Frost House Robert Frost House

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